Silicone pad _ silicon sheet _ silicone gasket process do you understand

by:Cupidove     2020-09-05

in the gasket is often used in every field has to, just different environment with different material, silicone material has become our common a gasket commonly used tools, commonly used in heightening pads thick, shock absorption, beautiful decoration, and so on several aspects, and for the silicone material production of gasket don't know you will not be difficult to understand it enough to achieve the result that you want and the desired effect, in this is the most critical, so the silicone products manufacturer small make up also specially to thoroughly explain some general knowledge about the silicone gasket material as well as the role!

the silicone gasket reference of more extensive and different environment as we apply can adopt different production processes, currently on the market a lot of silicone material can use solid silica gel of silica gel and forms two kinds of different materials, different difference lies in different hardness, transparency, softness, and we often use the silicone gasket hardness requirements have not been very low, so the solid silica gel as the primary material, consumers choose solid type transparent silicone belong to hot vulcanization silicone rubber. Before solidification morphology is basically not flow of solid matter. Mainly used in the manufacture of all kinds of silicone rubber products, silicone accessories, silicone daily necessities and so on, usually in 30 - supple degrees More between 80 degrees, high toughness, high transparency and the advantages of environmental protection so to get a lot of the choice of the market.

must have a lot of friends in the area of material performance should be understand. Colorless, tasteless, non-toxic environmental protection, high density, good tensile, wide temperature range can be keep softness for a long time, due to the good performance can be placed in the disadvantage of environment using for a long time, so for the silicone gaskets used are closely related to the speed of the environment and fixed-line, in the process of silica gel products manufacturers processing appropriate adjust the curing time may change the dielectric performance products, fixed speed time is too long will influence on the performance of the product is soft, torn product too brittle will affect the appearance, toughness drops, the phenomenon such as accelerated aging, so for the silicone gasket issue of quality problems and bulk material in machining process can control product is good or bad.

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