Silicone molding characteristics and application fields

by:Cupidove     2020-05-13

add silicone molding characteristics and application fields of

add molding silicone products definition:

add molding silicone products also called a two-component liquid silicon rubber, a two-component liquid silicon rubber, green liquid silicon rubber, English name: ALSR, hereinafter referred to as: RTV

add a two-component liquid silicone molding environmental protection silicone features:

add room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber molding is colorless or yellowish transparent oily liquid, after vulcanization become soft, transparent organic silica gel. This rubber can be in - 65 ~ 200 ℃ temperature range keep elasticity for a long time, it has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weathering resistance, hydrophobic, moisture, shock, non-corrosive, and physiological inertia, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to infusion, to deep sulfide, line low shrinkage rate, simple operation, etc.

add a two-component liquid silicone molding environmental protection silicone applications:

in the auto industry, electronic industry, optoelectronic industry, kitchen utensils and appliances, baby products, machinery and equipment, building industry, aviation and other packaging, earthquake resistant, flame retardant, adhesive, insulation, environmental protection products, such as manufacturing, its application field is omnipresent.

add a two-component liquid silicone molding environmental protection silicone is a type of the varieties, high grade of silicone products rubber has the following characteristics:

1) Vulcanization process does not produce by-products of environmental pollution-free;

2) Two-component materials can be preserved for a long time at room temperature;

3) Rubber to bicomponent supplies, and mixed with 1:1, batching process is convenient;

4) Easy to mix, curing speed, easy for operation;

5) Easy coloring, product has good flexibility;

6) Very short and efficient production cycles;

7) Mold control can make the flash less;

8) Good elasticity, excellent uv and ozone resistance;

9) Low sex of be affected with damp be affected with damp and good solvent resistance;

10) In a wide temperature range with good dielectric properties;

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