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by:Cupidove     2020-04-29
Cupidove silicone products mobile phone sets of products refined from imported high-tech environmental protection material, good transparency, use simple convenient, durable, etc. And dustproof, shock, drop, crash-proof and other unique mobile phone protection. Is how to make the silicone products mobile phone sets, want to go through several processes? Cupidove silica gel cell phone sets manufacturers now for you to share: a, raw material preparation, including rubber mixing, color color, weight of raw material and so on. Second, vulcanization molding: using high pressure curing equipment after high temperature vulcanization, make the silicone raw materials into a solid shape. Three, trimming: take off out of the mould of the silicone set of products will be jointly and severally useless burrs, will need to be removed. At present, in the industry, this process is completely done by hand. Four, screen printing, this process is only used in some in silicon surface patterned silicone product package, black phone silicone products sets, buttons for convenience operation, often need to screen printing in the corresponding position with mobile phone keyboard corresponding characters. Or on the surface of some beautiful pattern on the need to increase the beautiful printing.
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