Silicone mobile phone sets of folding buttons do you understand

by:Cupidove     2020-09-14

the wasted years let us a lot of flow in the fingertips, generation of mobile phones more years followed, as a mobile phone, now more years and upgrading technology in the wave of intelligent mobile phone touch screen to download the global popular pop, over time you whether also Zeng Huailian button cell phone use at that time? Plane phone touch keys also allows you to use of keys have not in place? And now our dependence on mobile phone is so big, mobile phone party father stared at machine ever for walking on the trouble from improper operation caused information hair wrong typing? As the change of mobile phone cases followed, this kind of mobile phone set for a lot of long-term use of mobile phone typing friends is a convenient and practical.

according to the main use of the mobile phone has devised a foldable key cases, professional for mobile phone keys, for the production of mobile phone typing friends often, when we touch screen mobile phone handwritten not so convenient, adapt to the needs of different occasions, especially for the use of a variety of environment, in a crowded bus or turbulence rocking it is hard to touch screen according to the above buttons. Try this kind of silicone case, specially installed in android touch screen buttons above, let us the more simple keystrokes, need not when can be folded away directly, which can protect mobile phone, can also convenient typing, practical and convenient.

the phone sets using the solid silica gel after vulcanization silicone products manufacturer of organic silicone, adopting the raw material of non-toxic transparent, and silicone mobile phone sets, as you know, now mobile phone sets of style are mostly mainly smartphones and practical function is designed, in fall prevention function to good effect, the second environmental non-toxic, cell phone sets for the appearance of the above has been modified, in production using fuel injection, silk screen, glue and mold design process to produce like the pattern on style.

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