Silicone manufacturers share: silica gel products dust removal method

by:Cupidove     2020-04-28

silicone manufacturers share: silica gel products dusting method

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after the fruit of the silica gel products, if the silicone products without any packaging, processing, storage in the warehouse for too long, the silica gel products above can stick a lot of dust, silicone products with dust cleaning up more troublesome, if the number is big, will spend a lot of manpower and time, so how are the silicone products products factory in the dirt in the silicone products protection? products through the following 3 points for dust:

dust removal method of silica gel products:

spray hot oil

this phenomenon in view of the surface of silica gel products easy to stick dust, we usually advice customer to spray hot oil, hot oil is a kind of can adsorption oily substance on the surface of the silica gel, can increase the surface of silica gel products smooth, isolation outside contact with the surface of the silica gel, really achieve prevent the effect of silica gel products adhesion of dust. Detailed manipulation can be in silicone product surface coating a layer of hot oil, dustproof effect not very good, and feel good again, nothing more than just capital increase. Packing

with high-pressure blower gun first blow wash clean silica gel packed in plastic bags, inside with a plastic box, cover up, so as not to fear a dust sticky on the surface of silica gel products.

deal with electrostatic

the silicone products have static, this is very normal, you can change the formula to eliminate static electricity dust, but not too realistic, this can result in the silicone products function not disorderly, but also do not conform to the international scale, the customer will not agree.

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