Silicone kitchen utensils and appliances appear sticky phenomenon - - The main reason is what

by:Cupidove     2020-08-24

the silicone kitchen supplies now thought indispensable necessities in our life, is popular with the mainly comes from the properties of the material and the functional role of the product, but on the good things will eventually there is something wrong with it, an item again good, also has its defects and the silicone kitchen utensils and tableware in addition to the sharp material and alkali, for glue viscosity is one of the defect, and glue viscosity of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances and has certain weaknesses, let consumer experience feeling down, declining use, then what is the reason caused it to appear sticky sticky!

belong to synthetic rubber material, silicone products also include a variety of compounds, so the product sticky, smell, as well as life and aging rate and so on, can be prepared in the raw materials to the sticky dust sundry phenomena mainly silica molecular nature, laundry has a strong adsorption dynamics, under normal circumstances is unable to avoid the adsorption dynamics of raw material, but still can control it sticky degree!

period using phenomenon is also more sticky has certain relations, because the silica gel tableware long-term contact with the oil liquid long-term immersion makes it too active, the internal structure of silicon hydroxyl chain structure such as proportion and preparation of white carbon black and reinforcing agent and water to add uneven, so you need to silica decrease when manufacturer raw materials made the activity of the chain, small in the molecular structure of silicon hydroxyl its activity reduced adsorption dynamics.

second silicone mold belong to the second approach, with the raw materials with different process, secondary processing should be carried out in the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances manufacturer, adding color plastic molding and curing agent party in high temperature oil pressure molding, so for the mixing of rubber vulcanizing agent and release agent and if there is a conflict, silicon leads to sticky phenomenon.

product has a lot to do hard and sticky sticky, silica gel adsorption dynamics of the essence and the sticky can be more different and separate hard softness, high hardness products adsorption dynamics not low hardness is strong, so the soft products of the adsorption intensity, silicone products, mould and related factors, such as surface treatment inappropriate of silicone rubber products surface brightness is strong, so the greater the adsorption strength!

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