Silicone how to distinguish good or bad know this time, the guarantee will not be cheated

by:Cupidove     2020-04-30

what is silica gel, this step is we need to know:

the main composition is sio2, amorphous silica, chemical stability, resistance to high and low temperature. From its state with granule ( Granular silica gel) , the concrete form ( Mixing glue) And liquid ( Liquid silicone rubber) 。

let's together to interpret the stand or fall of liquid silicone rubber

1. Know your choice of silica gel category

condensation type liquid silicone rubber or on the molding liquid silicone rubber?

method one: let suppliers is organic tin or platinum fixed-line, if not from the source or the information, then through another method:

method 2: by comparing the proportion of liquid silicone products rubber is also easy to know, unless you use a special custom liquid silicon rubber material that also say, condensation type liquid silicone rubber was also known as the industrial-grade silicone, due to its curing agent containing organic tin, so also through FDA certification of food, ratio generally 100:3 or 10:1 ( Individual electronic glue) ; And add molding liquid silicone products rubber is on platinum catalyst for the reaction system, so it is environmental protection through food even the FDA medical level of authentication, generally have a 1:1 or 10:1 proportion ( Common in high transparent glue injection type)

2。 Through the smells of doing basic judgment

don't look at curing agent, silicone fluid itself is no pungent smell, no matter what color is there is a feeling of light, if you get the liquid silicone products has a heavy smell, it must be recycled waste or impurity content of organic silicon raw material production of

analysis two today, want to know more contact me directly, next article analyses two

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