Silicone how much a kilo of silicone price movements in the market

by:Cupidove     2020-04-30

how many money a kilogram of silicone silicone prices trend

in the words of a the elder brothers in the north is, on the premise of strict on environmental protection, any chemical products for the soaring, organic silicon is one of them, can't survive, for the moment, environmental protection will be more and more perfect, only the price of silica gel is still in the rising period, stock up at any time is good, and the sooner the better, the lower the cost, many people feel more alarmist, suppliers with rhythm, fry market, prices, but in fact they don't have the ability, many medium-sized manufacturers have discontinued, price increases the speed of the silicone industry, time for a long time, is unprecedented, and this is not a vendor can control, but the whole international, the global environment, including well-known enterprises, the United States dow corning, Germany, etc. , also the price, but for the small providers, raw materials procurement are expected, basic out of stock, back finishing material to use, although the cost is low, but the performance is not bad, so silicon downstream business friends, the in the mind still want to have a number here.

how many money a kilogram of silicone products it is no need to answer this question, because the exaggeration, one day a price, raw material is such, don't sell goods, or even just offer a monthly statement to advance a dozen, I believe many do procurement friend have experience greatly. Here to remind friends timely stock up, early.

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