Silicone gaskets can resistance to high temperature, please How much is the temperature range

by:Cupidove     2020-08-23

high temperature is a kind of inevitable phenomenon, anything after high temperature sensor to achieve a certain purpose, and to prevent the temperature of the high temperature mainly depends on which methods are needed to achieve? Among different industries and heat-resistant fireproof heat insulation material is the main key to prevent the high temperature in the daily life of insulating mat material, electric and electronic industry in flame retardant insulation material is different, generally divided into led by silicone and rubber, rubber belongs to industrial material used for outdoor fire retardant insulation is more, the silica gel is close to the daily life, daily use became its advantage, and effect of heat insulation and heat-resistant nature is not lower than the rubber material.

fireproof heat insulation is the parameters of every kind of product can be considered, under the environment of a lot of use conditions for the performance of heat insulation and heat-resistant, silica gel products is relatively superior to a material, in daily life as a heat insulation material and heat resistance materials, its main performance get good advantage, its heat resistance effect in different industries can reach that level?

degree of high temperature resistant silicone products belong to the material properties, in the normal use of the product of the thermal effect of 150 degrees or so is often the case, curing temperature and silica gel pad manufacturer in the process has been as high as 180 degrees, so it is in the process of normal use and heat-resistant insulation for general problem no problem, for the oven, boiling water freezing even different high and low temperature are helpless in it, such as, belongs to the silicone material can be applied to most life eat mat and electronic electronic floor MATS, and so on.

how much is the highest degree of heat-resistant silicone?

after different tests can be concluded that in 260 - ordinary material made of silica gel products 280 degrees is beyond the scope of a certain time there will be a fire point, about forty to sixty degrees below zero in low temperature below zero will frost crack phenomenon, but also have synthetic materials to achieve better heat resistance range, at present our daily use of basic glue belongs to common plastic and the gas phase silicone rubber products, materials of heat resistance is not specially prepared, so basic heat resistance at 260 degrees.

silica gel is the effect of high temperature resistant products is more of a material, its main advantage lies in has the good effect of high and low temperature resistance, and heat transfer are slower, silica gel as a heat insulation gloves, silicone table mat and electronic article pipe material is more appropriate, and not easy ageing, not deformation, mild acid and alkali resistance. In the resistance to ozone, solubility, has also has good electrical insulation performance, electrical appliances, chemical machinery and heat insulation and heat-resistant material indispensable one kind of material!

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