Silicone environmental protection heat application and function on it!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-20

cushion pads are used in the major field, and the silicone gaskets will be used in many industries have as auxiliary cushion, cushion sealing effect, such as soft silicone elastomer sheet was able to get the general use or because it have good function and the use of the advantages, and gaskets are applied to each field can show a different performance, such as automotive electronics industry, construction industry and supplies of food and beverage industry.

in the auto industry, silicone gaskets main shock absorption and environmental performance to seal, silicone products material has been used in the early years and automobile industry, such as manufacturer of mechanical seals, silicone tube and miscellaneous pieces of automotive electronics, and so on, mainly dominated function lies in the buffer sealing as well as the resistance and so on!

in the electronics industry, silicon sheet, also known as the silicon film used for thermal conductive silicone sheet and conductive silicon sheet is very practical, so choose in many electronic products weight on the mechanical properties of thermal conductive adhesive has the excellency of reducing the electronics facial thermal resistance, heat source and heat source for the product balance of certain temperature difference effect, and now this kind of thermal conductive silicone products and the use and a lot of electronic products such as mobile phones, electronic toys, household appliances, air conditioning, electric furnace, computer, etc. , in the electronics industry, such as transformer, capacitor, resistor and inductor, and other products, as long as belongs to the component of high power rate, then involve thermal conductive silicone pieces spread these components of heat to the shell

in the machine building industry, silicone anti-shock pad, silicone non-slip gasket is one of the main role, they mainly take in such field to the buffer decompression, waterproof seal and pack the action such as function, appearance due to silicone rubber products with good softness, and sealing chooses this kind of buffer shock absorption material perfect, especially in the machinery industry to function in environmental protection.

in the daily necessities of life, products are mainly used in catering kitchen utensils and appliances, silicone mat gasket insulation anti-skid function is resolved, the second manufacturer of silica gel sheet for the silicone gift category has mature technology, such as silk screen pad printing appearance, product selection and effect, various shapes of custom and functional in family life table main insulation anti-skid, environmental protection and beautiful adornment effect, silicone environmental protection heat insulation pad is different design and color can be customized appearance.

the silicone gasket has the general function, in addition to the above application can also be in the medical, aerospace, agriculture, gifts, etc. , and silica gel material are close to the environmental protection standard of silicone products, on the operation of the industry's main advantage lies in the environmental protection and practical function.

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