Silicone electronic potting glue performance parameters

by:Cupidove     2020-05-07

silicone products electronic potting glue performance parameters of the

with the developing of electronic industry, people pay more attention to the stability of the product, the weather has more stringent requirements of electronic products, so now more and more electronic products need to potting, organic silicon materials for organic silicon materials have more accord with the requirement of electronic potting glue, mainly manifested in the following points.

a suitable for electronic components in electronic potting glue need to meet performance requirements?

1, electrical insulating ability is strong, after the potting can effectively improve the insulation between the internal components and circuit;

2, colloid to electronic components without any corrosive effect;

3, cured gel even after machining, also will not happen deformation phenomenon;

4, cold resistance is strong, even if the weather - 60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ cold between colloid can still keep elasticity, no crack;

5, room temperature curing and heat curing;

6, with hydrophobic properties, potting after can improve the moisture-proof performance of electronic components;

7, have heat conduction ability, after potting can effectively improve the heat dissipation ability of electronic products;

8, weather resistance and salt fog resistant ability, ensure the electronic components from the natural environment;

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