Silicone electronic accessories of gum and injection process detail explanation

by:Cupidove     2020-08-20

with the development of electronic components and upgrading, environmental protection safe product is the main lines of many electronic components development, and the silicone rubber parts in electronic products currently take the role of the absolute, because it has a good safe non-toxic and material advantages, as a seal role is waterproof and protective of its main advantages, and product assembly, and exterior protection will inevitably encounter joint with surface feel effect, so the fuel injection and back glue stick is now more common advantage, so the silicone electronic accessories in this process details what in the hell!

spraying is to maintain the appearance of silica gel products common process, it basically is to improve product appearance handle, reduce adhesion products to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of sticky dust, the surface of the product is in addition to the silicone products, PU and other soft rubber material also can be used in a fuel injection mode, ink belong to anti-static oil also known as hot oil, on the surface of silicone rubber products spraying a layer of water ink are attached to the surface of the product after high temperature, smooth, soft and comfortable effect, this process has already been mature, can be used in all kinds of silicone products, electronic products, nature is not a problem.

lamination process mainly through the form of double-sided adhesive glue on the product surface with the electronic plastic or metal material for joint function effect, while the back glue gummed paper is divided into different kinds, basically see the use of the product environment and demands for tape stick relay selection, the current domestic most common tape to imitate the 3 m tape and quality goods of 3 m gummed paper, the difference between the two is not too big, and the price difference is very apparent, and the back glue quality determines its functional and adhesive strength.

the back glue and fuel injection technology used more widely in electronic silicone accessories, and various types of structure and the use way is more unique, more troublesome, especially concave and convex type or better solution for injection, and the stick of gum is a nuisance, back JiaoGong technique needs brushing treatment agent, compound as the heavy oil, the treatment agent are spraying treatment way can affect the product appearance appear smudgy phenomenon, the brush handle by hand and compare the artificial cost, so the back glue some of the production process more complex product is more difficult.

among the same products, contrary to the silicone electronic products for a side in the back glue injection this operating mode can only after the first post injection in accessories, such as the first stick accessories in high temperature after back tape through high temperature and the air bubble edge and the middle part, and for the relative surface is more troublesome, silica gel products processing factory need to do a fixture to suit in the back glue joint after injection first, another way is the low temperature ink, and product back tape edge and under the premise of bubbles is not affected.

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