Silicone cleansing instrument custom processing key points!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-04

don't know if you have found that since the living standard continuously improve personal maintenance products more and more get reuse, and silicone cleansing instrument now seems to be a kind of skin cleansing essential maintenance products, custom processing in recent years, the silicone cleansing instrument seems to become a private custom processing, on the market is full of all kinds of different style, different brand and different quality and price of wash a face to brush, and want a high quality silica gel cleansing brush what key points need to pay attention to?

because of the role of silica gel products been used as well as the advantage we have a deeper impression of silicone skin cleaning apparatus, but cleansing instrument custom machining customize your make sure the product can use this process of design can be done, and any process is flawed, the requirement of the silica gel products factory whether can do you expect effect will have to look at your product design problems, such as product size complexity and size determination of hard softness and so on!

so many cleansing brush brush in the design of the head was ignored the problem, such as the brush head part design is too thin, the brush head is too long or too closely, and so on questions, and give the drawings are not professional silicone factory open mould to evaluate went out after may destroy, so skin cleaning brush custom processing to make sure you are able to achieve before mold OK sure proofing OK again.

after the design solution will have to pay attention to the problem on material, a good silicone products must use high quality die steel, and the selection of the steel mold can use for a long time and can ensure the burrs and parting line, product raw materials is needed after tensile springback test to ensure that products and aging resistance and so on, whether glue string color color color mixture, vulcanizing agent if there is a smell there is material, etc.

the above problem solved all need to make sure that the silicone products manufacturers will be able to control the quality of your goods, such as black spots impurities dirt, the control of non-conforming depends entirely on the company's management and technical level, and customize a silicone rubber products above problem is must have certain cognitive, otherwise it may cause a lot of detours!

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