Silicone chuck, what are the best ways to let him adsorption closer

by:Cupidove     2020-08-24
Classes and articles for daily use silicone sucker now machinery industry are promising in many areas, but few people pay attention to the role of the product, a small suction cups could be another important product minus the support for you, a silica gel products chuck can lose a lot of trouble for you, few people know this thing appeared to be making technology and method, and there are a lot of demand friend is hard to find in the market similar products, sucker and use a variety of reasons cause the effect not beautiful, it will stop the silicon rubber suction cups for you today!

use principle of silica gel chuck it is through a pressure air space will be squeezed out air, use flat face and the physical properties of material to adsorption in the entire plane, using vacuum suction, make its product fixed and other products, currently many electronics tray, life daily accessories sucker, daily fixed, and so on are likely to use it, but now one of the main reason is how to make it stronger, absorption and silicon rubber suction cup type size, many consumers are hard to find is one of the key, so this will brings to the silica gel with a suction cup manufacturers for you to solve!

different the size of the suction cup is main or choose different molds, so demand less customers can suggest to find on the Internet, generally the size of the suction cups are not too far, if really can't find which can only be looking for? 吗? Silicone rubber products factory? 吗? Family mold customization, mass customization is more cost-effective!

chuck silicone material actually is the same as the other silicone products, is also the same silica gel made by the same process, so for chuck to absorb more closely, it must be from the above moulds in hand, let the disk the size of the peripheral circuit are not too big, in terms of mold in the silicone products need to be pay attention to the thinnest place, otherwise the sucker suction tight not close like this have important relations, second hard softness different causes, the hardness of raw materials can choose according to different types of size, size, the greater the hardness can be appropriately raise.

some people say that the designer's ultimate purpose is to make these gadgets products designed for lazy people, so a lot of silicone rubber products accessories also is so, just to respect another better use accessories, promote efficiency, and so on, so the silicone sucker product details as industrial, electronics, and furniture for daily use and other industries for another thing minus the unnecessary trouble, currently on the market sales and function effect is still very handsome!

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