Silicone case how to control the bad _ silica gel sets manufacturers how to guarantee the quality

by:Cupidove     2020-08-19

the silicone cases in life are common, especially now that the silicone mobile phone sets and tablet computer cases, and so on, so the demand of market and user consumption growth, the quality of the production requirements and silica gel protective sleeve is in grow continuously improve quality request, so choose a good case for consumer users brand is very important, and the businessman is more important to choose a good source of silica gel products factory, at any time to grab from fountainhead, the strict requirements of product failure control is very important to important, in the eyes of my factory silicone cases of defective rate more than 5% only, if defective rate is too high, so the product doing nothing.

silicone tablet cases in the machining process of the most vulnerable to the adverse phenomenon, there are a few points.

1, the external package wind, the wind outside package, product external appear white bubble

a drum can be divided into several kinds of phenomena, the cause of temperature is not enough, after the mold die out residence time is too long, spraying mold release water too much, time is too short, the mold vulcanization exhaust is different from travel.

2, silica gel protective sleeve inside and outside are not ripe, pits.

curing time is too short in the process of production with the machine may result in the low temperature of phenomenon vulcanization not completely, not familiar with raw material placed too long lead to failure, rubber vulcanization agent piping phenomenon is the main reason is because the mold temperature is too high, put the speed of the raw material can't keep up with in the

3, mold the reason

mold processing as the core role, also be more strict to the requirement of appearance, a piece of good steel stamping can increase the use of mould number tens of thousands of times, so for the appearance of discharge and so on are available from the mold, looking for reasons, such as discharge groove depth, the mould clamping wire size, etc.

4, personnel reason

personnel arrangement is also important, green is slower than the speed of a master and understand the possible product doesn't have much experience in the manufacturing process of defective rate will be higher, so it is very important to strengthen the consciousness of prevention and control of fuck machinist.

in addition to production of silica gel protective sleeve in the silicone products factory producing all kinds of silicone products experience, in fact, all of these reasons are relatively long one of the bad phenomena, such as package basic wind phenomenon is each silicone products will appear, but now that the problem of all kinds of bad, then how can we deal with the bad phenomena, not listed, one for other bad phenomena and silicone cases at the request of the poor production process control is very important, in some cases can be up to a few hundred grams of weight, the weight of a discarded it is a waste of raw materials and the vulcanizing agent of silicon and toner, scrapped a product's cost is very high.

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