Silicone buttons, the remote control key, silica gel remote control to change in the future

by:Cupidove     2020-09-18

buttons you in life are all in the familiar, from last century slowly development appeared in all kinds of key science and technology, the mobile phone keys, a few years ago after how much change, with the development of the society change, now out of home appliances, industrial remote control button, the production of silicone buttons becomes less, now many of the products are electronic touch screen to operate manually, so in the future this kind of silica gel products on the market will gradually be eliminated.

now our household remote control button material usually is the use of silica gel production, production methods through silica gel products factory raw material processing and become, after high temperature vulcanization molding production, the original keys are made from plastic material and metal copper spring, but in the use of a period of time after the keys surrounding phenomenon is smooth, after decades of change, now is used by the remote control all appliances mall silica gel production, due to the silicone products with good softness, wear resistance, electrical insulation performance is good, in a remote control with soft material to make it and have a good hot air permeability performance, a few years ago we phone key also gradually began to use the silica gel, so the silicone material or get a good application.

but now everyone knows the development speed, the buttons are now gradually eliminated by electronic remote control, home remote control or work in the future will be like now with the remote control cell phone touch infrared remote control, remote control also can be transformed into electronic touch screen control, from the perspective of the major industry now, silica gel products product design also can as vice material, some of the products of science and technology main structure would be on a silica gel products, like now buttons, is also a part of the main products, but for the silicone products, in the later application is not wrong.


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