Silicone boss from homeless orphans to the billionaires

by:Cupidove     2020-04-27

by the deeds of a grassroots people to ten thousand Volvo likely to exist, but a wandering beggars orphans into a ten thousand Volvo does not see more, I want to say is my boss, shenzhen Cupidove silica gel co. , LTD. , President, everyday fly group President Mr Gui-bin li, combining induction Cupidove company 3 years I to Mr Gui-bin li what you see is what you know, talk about the way of his success.

gui-bin li shortly after birth parents abandoned, has been living in homeless people, until the age of 13, adoptive parents, don't beg, lived a poor life, also follow the parents to do farm work, so what also didn't read books as a child, before and after the late two married daughter-in-law, also because of poor families left, but gui-bin li has always been a kind of indomitable spirit, left his hometown has decisively, has done a lot business, have failed, know in shenzhen in 1996, opened his 20 years of entrepreneurship, in my opinion, Mr Gui-bin li the reason can be implemented by a homeless orphan to hundreds of millions of wealth, the President and CEO of the reason only one, that is to learn, gui-bin li homeless orphans, didn't go to school a few days, but even his knowledge is not enough, then try very hard to learn, has done many points, basic sales work, is the world's greatest salesman lines, such as fools do, this also is later he often says to us, don't get smart, believe that the power of believe, and fools do, every day to read aloud scrolls and fall back such as flow, can estimate the number of less. But in the eyes of others is really like a fool.

through continuous efforts, gui-bin li constantly improve business ability, accumulate fortune in life, the road of entrepreneurship, short 10 years of entrepreneurship, although difficult, but with his constantly learning, decades of efforts, the achievements of today's Cupidove group co. , LTD. , everyday fly group co. , LTD. , today's gui-bin li group, is a billionaire, but to the company for 3 years I realized that gui-bin li on learning investment beyond the millions or even never, this is I screamed and a lot of people, experience, it's true, not only his study, also led the family, employees learn, learn marketing, management, traditional culture and so on, and share their learned knowledge from time to time.

maybe, it's because gui-bin li, chairman of the study of the spirit of people infected with every employee, Cupidove silicone products 20 years, conscientiously, put quality and service forever, just had Cupidove silicone products brilliant today, as the company corporate culture, let Cupidove employees to achieve a happy family, successful, happy, it is gui-bin li words and deeds, that makes the company employees were full of cohesion and well-being, as a member of the Cupidove silica gel, I'm very proud.

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