Silicone body is how to walk into the life of people with silica gel world you know

by:Cupidove     2020-05-15

if lonely helpless, when there is a girl!

as the constant progress of The Times, people's life becomes busy and emptiness, material is rich, but could not make up for the people heart some thoughts and complaint;

in a noisy in guangzhou city, have so a pair of old man, because of the children are busy with the business, work, rarely take care of the old man's life, two old people stay together, together with every sunrise sunset seize the day, But destiny heartless, at one day of evening, grandma fell, soon died in the world; The old grief, day by day to tears, make a ceremonious nod towards the west, became thinner. See the heart, the children all broken, but helpless, who can persuade a genuine feeling, after all, termination, and who can tell his father don't miss his mother? 。 。

as we had, the old man's grandson put forward a bold idea, according to their experience, is that you can use Cupidove silica gel for a model of a grandma, grandpa to solution the pain of the acacia. 。 。 。 。

since grandmother of silica gel model after you come back, grandpa fondle admiringly, mood is good, get up early every day to 'grandma washing a face, change clothes, also held together under the balcony in the sunshine listening to the radio, but regretfully,' grandma, 'can't talk to grandpa, every time the children go home to see grandpa, will hear the sigh with emotion. As a result, children are ready to give grandpa a can talk of silicone products robot 'grandma'. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。

when you eat in the evening, my father suddenly asked son how know this method, a son began to silent and somewhat embarrassed; But in his uncle's aunt abacha under the stimulus of a language, the boy says the silica gel affinity and the story of their own. 。 。 。 。 。

on a dark windy night, night young man alone in the middle of the night pulled the game, a casual shaking, point opened a coquettish website, there are all kinds of beauty, and wear less; Hot-blooded man deeply attracted. 。 。 。

so the young man with silicone products doll made don't understand love. 。 。 。 。 。

silica gel is a kind of environmentally friendly products, non-toxic, tasteless, soft tactility and simulation is very high, can according to the demand of people to make simulation is very high product, not only enrich our life, give people a more tangible solved many difficult to solve.

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