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by:Cupidove     2020-04-30
There are a lot of people know that the adult supplies and health are closely linked, but how to choose good sex adult toys supplies? Here, small make up material analysis to adult toys supplies, hope you can help to you. supplies the material of material generally divided into hard plastic, soft rubber and silicone products and so-called & other; Virtual skin & throughout; 。 Hard plastic and soft plastic products have no smell, silica gel products have a smell, and sometimes very heavy. It is with the material itself, if think it is quality problem, that is a misunderstanding. Usually this kind of product for a few days after natural taste, try or use alcohol to clean before use, can also relieve odor. Virtual products are mostly used in inflatable dolls and part of the skin parts reverse mould products. Feel is good, this kind of product fold of skin imitation is very realistic, but because the material characteristics, so some friends found after buy should not have & other; Wrinkles & throughout; Place gave birth & other; Wrinkles & throughout; Thought is the quality problem, in fact, is still a misunderstanding.
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