Silicon wafer, silicon gasket _ silicone dough mat tear almost what are the reasons

by:Cupidove     2020-09-23

it is said that the silicone material has a lot of shortcomings is toughness is bad, the sharp weapon was cautious, and with the industry application in all walks of life, the silicone gaskets, silicone wafer and so on the demand of relatively thin material gradually more and more, so thin products better tearing resistance degree has become a lot of friends, purchase back the silicone gasket is easy tear and durable, and so on insufficient, so the combination of a variety of reasons, still can maintain several factors!

tear is the core of the silica gel products performance, so the tear resistance from raw material of silicone to add in the oven curing process has a lot of reasons! Such as 24 hours at room temperature curing, 130 degrees oven curing difference difference is big, so the most fundamental reason lies in the baking time, temperature and time, no, no, no conflict, but at the same conditions the effect of the common, so high temperature oven curing and curing at room temperature for a long time there will be a big difference, so occupied most of the factors of raw material.

second silicone products manufacturer in the production process of sulphide, the cause of the tear strength or the production process, normal temperature, normal time can avoid the easy tear phenomenon, and in the abnormal processing production time and temperature could cause poor tear phenomenon! Such as staff wants to boost yields, raising the temperature of the machine to reduce the time of curing this kind of method for thin, is it is not feasible, smaller product first easy to cause the product is too fragile, tear resistance is poor, the second too prone to product the mold are not ripe, so the feasible method or appropriate adjustments can be normal processing, don't have a fluky psychology, easy to bad thing! ! !

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