Silicon foam silicone rubber products production and processing principles and process

by:Cupidove     2020-09-11

foam silicone rubber products with silicone rubber as base material, adopt the method of physical foaming and chemical foaming for production, and the silicone rubber sponge porous structure. This technology in the current has been widely used in the production of industry, such as car doors and Windows sealing strip, buffer silicone rubber pad, construction gasket, seismic material, sports protective facilities, etc.

foaming principle of foamed silicone rubber products

solid silicone rubber foam silicone rubber sponge production, its principle is to join in the selected rubber or add to foaming agent and foaming agent on the curing temperature decomposition of foaming agent release gases, surrounded by a rubber to form bubble hole expansion form sponge rubber.

decision and the main factors influencing the bubble pore structure are: gas evolution of the foaming agent, gas diffusion velocity in the rubber, rubber viscosity and curing rate. One of the most critical is the speed of the gas evolution of foaming agent, produce gas and rubber vulcanization rate matching.

want to make a better silicone rubber products, select foaming agent varieties and rubber vulcanization system is the key. Concrete method has two kinds:

1, according to the curing temperature appropriate to the choice of the decomposition temperature and blowing agent, and then according to the decomposition of foaming agent on the curing temperature speed to adjust the speed of rubber vulcanization, such as using delayed accelerator and other promoters and vulcanization system, adjust the dosage of the promoter can be used to adjust the curing rate;

2, in the case of vulcanization system to determine, according to the curing speed selection foaming agent varieties and appropriate particle size. Particle size of the foaming agent is to determine the one of the most important factors of foaming agent decomposition speed. Particle size decreasing, the increase of specific surface area of the particles, and heat transfer efficiency, the decomposition speed is accelerated, therefore can be adjusted by selecting the appropriate particle size of the foaming agent to the decomposition of foaming agent balance between speed and rubber vulcanization.

silicone rubber foam products processing:

1, plastication

the essence of raw rubber plastication is made of silicone rubber macromolecule chain rupture failure. To improve the plasticity of the silicone rubber mixing processing compound mixing and easier. In the preparation of foamed silicone rubber products, silicone rubber plasticity, the better, the easier it is made uniform, density is small, small shrinkage rate of the products. Therefore sufficient raw rubber to plastication.

2, parking

silicone rubber in the mixing after, be sure to place long enough, typically lying around 2 h ~ 4 h, make all kinds of additives in the mixed fully dispersed in rubber, silicone rubber additives dispersed more uniform, the stability of the product size, smooth surface, bubble uniformity, the better.

3, temperature

silicone rubber foam is sensitive to temperature. The same kind of rubber, foaming effect under different temperature conditions. Because the foaming system and the vulcanization system of temperature sensitive degree of different, change cure temperature to adjust the matching problem of vulcanization system and foam system.


foaming molding method of silicone rubber products are: extrusion molding, molding, plate shape, a variety of methods.

the color of silicone foam products, specifications, flexible and can be customized according to customer requirements.

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