Silica gel that wash a face to brush the revelation - Why many people don't buy expensive cleansing instrument

by:Cupidove     2020-08-13

cleansing instrument in domestic rise in recent years, become a kind of necessary to protect skin to taste of life, and for which appeared newly brand price many consumers sigh a wondrous, high price is beyond imagination, the subsequent years, as the silicone cleansing instrument brand coverage, a growing number of models and brands emerge, industry competition have to make the price down, let everybody have a normal consumer market, and silicone cleansing instrument like this, it really is what mystery will make a lot of consumers?

although most young girls are like this product, but not everyone is interested in brand, but more interested in product quality and efficacy of life, although the price stage is different, but if you from another way of thinking to think about it, then will be different form.

a lot of people buy silicone wash a face to brush the main is to look at the brand, popularity and friends recommend, and few people went up from its structure and quality of work found, for example, I would never choose expensive, but good, how to choose is the need to tell the secret.

when you from cleansing instrument design, and fully understand its way in all parts and components, believe you in the face of thousands of dollars and hundreds of yuan silicone cleansing instrument must produce the same idea, when the two products the same why price six to one is so big, so important for cleansing instrument instead of brand products of material and workmanship, the entire structure of silicone cleansing instrument is, battery, motor, PCB and silicone brush shell and some parts of the seals, the basic difference is not big, to say the actual difference is product of motor vibration frequency and the sealing effect.

silicone brush facial cleaning, of course, in addition to outside the brush, the inside part of the basic judgment is not out, so the silicone cleansing the shell of the brush is important, its quality and appearance determine consumers' desire to buy, so that can identify the silica gel in the silicone brush part material and workmanship fine workmanship of the aesthetic nature can rest assured that materials such as material belongs to the brand, stretching the springback effect how, if countries import and export of environmental standards, and so on.

followed by the vibration frequency of the motor, frequency is set by the size of the motor and precision, and thousands of RPM is every facial cleaning, the frequency of the most basic, a lot of brand agent was sold on the basis of vibration frequency, don't you think if a cleansing instrument to thousands of times per minute vibrations in your face, can achieve very good result, if we are down big hundreds a microscope to observe the skin, no matter how high quality silica gel, under such a high frequency vibration, it will become one of the individual 'tool' so vibration effect in high has also can achieve the best condition.

the confirmation cost, why I don't want to spend high price to buy expensive silicone cleansing instrument? Main reason is because their cost is not too big, at home, the silicone brush of the selected material basic basic belong to food grade silicone material, different material and the price the disparity is not large, only imported materials and some well-known brand rubber the price will be high, but also won't vary too big, so the cost down and can guarantee that most basic cleansing instrument will not best, so if you buy a silicone wash a face to brush from silicone production factory and the material to understand, and I think you should also have such idea, but so have the price of brands mainly for research and development, channels, advertising, taxes and other fees.

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