Silica gel tableware, rounding - advantage characteristics Exactly what are the benefits of using it

by:Cupidove     2020-08-15

at present with the threat of a new type of coronavirus, a lot of friends and is sensitive to the microbial bacteria produced, disinfection for many daily necessities of life commodity are used, and the meal kitchen utensils and appliances is the most popular cooking tools, daily necessities of life also let us uneasy after cleaning and disinfection, do not know whether it will produce harmful substances, friends of tableware is sensitive to contrast the type is better, more practical, and silica gel meal kitchen utensils and appliances is a wise choice, it meet the high temperature will produce harmful substances?

compared with thermoplastic elastomer plastic products, silicon material has a great advantage in contrast, green is the essence of its material characteristics, main raw materials in organic silicon dimethyl siloxane, silicone resin and silicone oil and white carbon black composition such as curing, siloxane molecules do not conflict with any material, in the midst of silicone rubber products from material to finished product which do not conflict with any material, used in daily necessities of life can be with any skin contact with food.

so as its main properties of silica gel tableware in addition to environmental protection, heat resistance is its main advantage, normal silica boiler bowl heat-resistant - cooking process Without any phenomenon between 60 ℃ to 280 ℃, so its role in boiler bowl soup there's nothing wrong, but as a direct flame cooking cooking pot that cannot meet the requirements of use, if it is beyond the scope of the use of temperature at the same time, the silicone material is because material heat resistance limit become aging lime, white smoke won't appear serious pungent appeared in the process of combustion gas, so it is different the conventional natural rubber, belongs to the environmental security is one of the best of synthetic rubber thermoplastic materials.

for its advantages of heat-resistant is on the other hand, compared with a metal spatula natural mismatch scope of heat-resistant, but compared with the plastic and wooden material has certain advantages, product fine particle density using liquid in a dry immediately, after long time and woodiness material is easy to abuse bubble in damp environment is a breeding ground for bacteria, and hard plastic category above the temperature is not stable, long-term under high temperature conditions will lead to deformation or poison material products.

high temperature is the main advantage of the silicone products, in the production process of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances manufacturer shaping curing temperature was as high as 180 ℃ or so, due to the mold surface temperature as high as 180 ℃, the product material after adding curing agent after upper and lower mold temperature catalytic forming, so the normal temperature range in the process of using natural use temperature of not less than one or two baidu, its raw materials are mainly liquid glue paste shape material, there are several different processes can finish the production of silica gel tableware, more common is a solid molding.

for the choice of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances is a skilled, a lot of consumer is more about the brand, some consumers focused on quality, and part of the more important is to see the material and security, the silicone raw materials can be divided into ordinary and food grade and medical grade different grade silicone products, and the minimum also need to contact with the human body to achieve green food grade, so decides the grade of the material of it is the key, the main judge way or from the smell, appearance and handle material aspects, although ordinary with food grade differences in performance is not too big, but try to distinguish between its material can ensure that the value of the product.

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