Silica gel, silica gel products vulcanization appeared smoke gas _ where is the main reason

by:Cupidove     2020-09-07

in the production process, sometimes we processing vulcanization time when the mold will appear a lot of smoke, and this kind of phenomenon is there is no effect on molding production, but may haunt staff who are in the middle of the production process, the fear of serious problems, although many silicone products manufacturer in the production process of pay little attention to the phenomenon, but in this case the emergence of it is also has certain reason.

moulding vulcanization process is a complex problem, in the past, it was the study's side, different rubber and compound additive mixing will appear different changes, so also can appear different sizes of smoke, but main composition consisting of methyl, vinyl silicone material, it is mainly by the high molecular weight poly (methyl vinyl siloxane rubber for a living, mixed with reinforcing filler, vulcanization agent, etc. , under the heat pressure vulcanized elastomer. With reinforcing material, vulcanizing agent like some smoke. But you can pass some methods to prevent in the process of production.

main control methods: vulcanizing agent can choose low thermal plastic vulcanizing agent, smoke and fast curing agent may appear relatively large, in forming process of vulcanizing temperature to reduce as far as possible, the molding time is too long for the product placement has certain influence! So you can appropriate to control in production process!

and rubber raw materials have lots of unavoidable smoke is more harmful to the body material ( Hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, mercaptan, thiophene, morpholine, etc. ) So the silicone material and rubber material has larger difference, the silicone material only simple several add fertilizer, there are dozens of compound and rubber additives, so the performance is different, the production quality of the products will be different!

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