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by:Cupidove     2020-09-18

tablet cases as the protective effects of electronic products currently on the market for hot boiling high spirited, in order to reduce the tablet's appearance wear and prevent broke, many manufacturers are in fabric, leather, PU and other materials processing to produce all kinds of cases, and in the practical process of every material basic has its defects, feel is not good or not to bear or endure dirty, do not prevent fall off wait for a phenomenon. All know tablet cases of expensive so is very important for the choice of cases, so for the selection of material for this small make up recommend silicone products is silicone material, I wonder if you understand the advantages of the silica gel protective sleeve?

here is a silicone products manufacturer in the production process of understanding to the six characteristics of advantage:

a, silicone mobile phone sets of soft hard moderate, feel comfortable, and good toughness and tensile force, can fit closely after in the fuselage. Can be easily set when using, can be pulled down directly when not in use.

second, the characteristics of the silicone material determine any glue (silicone products are not with any other substance Except for super glue) , silicone mobile phone sets, too, so don't have to worry about in the process of using the love machine was dirty, even if a few smudges attached on the silicone mobile phone sets, just easily cleaned with a soft cloth wipe gently.

three, namely to use hard material in the silicone mobile phone sets, also won't cause any scratches to the mobile phone shell.

4, silicone mobile phone sets have excellent flexibility, can effectively alleviate the impact of the fall when the mobile phone, let love machines in use process more secure.

5, color is rich, and can produce a variety of design, fashionable appearance generous, holding the highlight tide.

6, environmental non-toxic silica gel material, no harm to human body in the course of using, even the cake mold and baby pacifier in everyday life are made of silicone.

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