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by:Cupidove     2020-08-27

'you listen to me, my silicone following is online, but say good silica gel material quality is better, and the wear-resisting degree of lift, but the fact tell me three months to use products began to appear across the cross, but also become angry phenomenon. 'Look at the others in his comment is,' feel is good, and wear and are used for nearly two years, and there is no yellowing phenomenon '' I want to buy silicone following from the false, I explain explanation: can you help me? 'I this lively friends, you really need a bit of silicone following from knowledge, for this kind of the consumers, to come to consult the problem of the phenomenon is also more than one or two, so small make up for our customer can still needs to explain about the choose and buy of the silicone products!

is male ladies for silicone products and following the favour of a mobile phone fashion accessories, in addition, many consumer often price friends buy silicone following from phoebe and quality is not guaranteed, as this friend, yesterday afternoon asked her product price, now that up to one hundred yuan a, and the service life of three months began to aging, springback tensile strength decreased, the product in color and so on. So as a professional silicone products manufacturer, a small mobile phone decorations to reach so high price, you first need to strength of materials and let consumers trust of security. For a silicone products manufacturer a silica gel following cost is smaller than the lady buy products at least 10 times more, so remind or by the good faith for this, the strength is true as well!

but for silica gel following from the general manufacturer production product must have wear-resisting, tensile and tearing resistance, resistance to high and low temperature, liquid resistance and other properties, and the normal service life in more than a year to make consumers feel is reasonable, and USES the high strength of silicone rubber material production to add crystal sulphur products will not appear after yellowing phenomenon, yellowing phenomenon commonly so products are common industrial silicone raw materials combined with the water for a long time and as a result, when it is heated and the quality of the product reason may also be in the production of curing time and temperature lead to, such as product is waxed feeble, the product is too fragile, and so on. For this small make up suggest buying is to ask the product performance and check the product a lot of experience and the production source of information. Want to learn more silica gel details can visit the website: WWW. dgdb88. Cn

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