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by:Cupidove     2020-09-09

if adornment cannot solve the problem of mobile phone fashion, so the existence of silicone mobile phone sets will be meaningless, 2017 mobile phones decorative products more and more widely enthusiasts basic can change in a month or so a phone case, so for all kinds of mobile phone cases are more remains to be seen, once saw a report, foreign guy within a week to collect the cases of global flag, in looking back to my poor little after watching the drawer said envy envy hate ah!

the market in 2017 according to the understanding of the many new phones, but behind every phone has a silicone products manufacturer for the supply of the fine silica gel protective sleeve, so for the market demand for the above case, cannot be satisfied. But when it comes to the silicone cases for different s do have different changes, from 12 years to now through different process and design with the user experience, and so on are in continuous improvement. So the silica gel protective sleeve also try on all aspects of the process, gradually close to perfect at the same time also can let oneself become popular approval, material and brand!

and many students when the choose and buy the silicone case but always don't know where laid a hand on him, worried that material will be harmful to the body, afraid to use effect is not good, afraid of class is not enough. That I will teach you how to identify the silicone cases in accordance with your request!

1, the material toughness, good material usually have soft hard feeling, resilience is better, it is better to look at the effect of the hand touch.

2, smooth surface, not grey, this is after surface treatment, can make the surface more smooth, there seem to be frosted and fog effect below.

3, good silicone products is certainly no smell, so I want to say is that if you ask the phone sets out have spied that is about to pay attention!

4, food grade rubber after lift will not appear white fog, when pulling up so take a look at the material whether belong to high tensile food grade raw material production.

the choose and buy the silicone case as a mate, you need not only intention but also by hand! ! !

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