Silica gel series bone language simulation of you for a few minutes

by:Cupidove     2020-05-02

near a very fire hit TV series 'bone' should all are familiar with, the ministry drama scene is not large, single shooting environment, even just need a big office building and several residential buildings, less investment cost. But, why would fire, shooting is very successful, so to speak.

first of all, is her story, interlocking, in some places, not rigorous, do not stand up to scrutiny, but would be enough to attract the audience, and compact story off, not ink, 2 - 3 sets a case, or let the audience laugh. Second, there is an important part of points, that is the silicone products simulation props, very realistic, but people see some thriller, silicone products simulation more applies in the middle of the film, and some foreign TV series. And nearly two years, as domestic silicone products improving the quality of the raw material, mould technology, special effects make-up technology promotion, silica gel and a large number of applications in domestic movies, TV series, the series bone can say very successful, home accidentally in special effects that will do the more the better.

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