Silica gel protective sleeve surface is not smooth - What are the reasons the manufacturer

by:Cupidove     2020-08-20

silicone accessories electronic products are rising in recent years, the silicone jewelry industry innovation, and the development of mobile phone cases began to design gradually along with the rise of smartphones, past the main functions of the silica gel protective sleeve is drop collision avoidance, the appearance and performance are not much, but in the past two years for a lot of silicone mobile phone sets are very pay attention to details, request is constantly improving, in a timely manner on the quality of appearance on the handle or color the structure is strict, so a lot of trading company in order to meet the needs of the consumers, the surface appearance of ascension more smooth, more high quality for the silicone products factory production process and of those about the cause of the silica gel products appearance! Under the condition of the guarantee product quality and performance and how to realize the silicone cases of exterior quality and glossiness!

for the appearance of silica gel products can make conclusions about what time;

mould, the mould is one of the most important in the production of molding process, the mould is unqualified where natural product is also not good, so I have to grab from the source of the problem first. So remove the raw material problem, on the surface of the mold and the work from steel and machining should use high above material and high precision, in addition the surface of the mold polishing and grinding machine to be careful, the exhaust hole number for molding process on the vulcanization process, such as temperature and pressure cause after vulcanization molding products are soft and different deformation are obtained. Equipment cleaning and die of residual materials, leading to product materials, 'are two different facial phenomenon and so on reasons, so clean up the environment of the machine and mold clean, really can not sandblasting processing mould surface problem!

repair grinding of raw materials and products, not so the raw material suppliers of raw materials are high quality, basically a lot of raw material suppliers of the raw material modulation formula have some deviation, lead to compound additives of different lead to product performance, appearance problems, such as tensile strength, viscosity, degree of deformation, etc. Bad phenomenon, resulting in a decline in practical life. So choose high quality raw materials production and processing is the key point, the second molding silicone products will appear too much burrs and have black spots, that in the repair process of pulling the burrs resulted in product breaks or grinding force is too big lead to products have the phenomenon such as concave and convex traces. All these reasons may be a lot of consumer friends buy products to the root of the problem, so the next time you can suggest consumer friends after learned that silica gel production process in the purchase may have certain help!

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