Silica gel products - What are the cause of the tear easily silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-08-25

as you know, rubber products appeared torn, pull the phenomenon such as bad factors, in addition to man-made phenomena in their respective work environment will appear different questions, so this also leads to many consumer friends don't like using silica gel products are one of the reasons, such as common is to use the silicone mobile phone sets, we might run into sharp when you least expect them to something that is easy to draw a mouth, and this is one of the important reason that upset customers, can't touch the sharp edge tool, not a force pulling the phenomenon such as, but any products are not fully the advantages of each have their own advantages and disadvantages, just depends on how you correct use and maintenance, for tear phenomenon, can you do to prevent it!

when it comes to tear phenomenon, it had to be from the source of silica gel products factory production, there are many reasons of tear phenomenon in the factory, such as raw materials could lead to the cause of, choose ordinary material on raw materials and high strength material and there will be two kinds of effect, so the quality of the silica gel products also with different material and different quality and resistance to tear strength, in the production process, of course, if there is no enough experience to take charge of sulfide, nature is also of no help, so in the forming process of production, time control is very important, such as product vulcanization time is too long may cause tea farmers too brittle, inadvertently will be torn apart, and cutting edge trimming if not trimmed, that may lead to products in the subsequent use is easy to tear!

friends for consumers to buy silicone products for tear phenomenon need to pay attention to what issues? Advice when purchasing distinguish the distinction between material and product quality problems, silica gel products of the most prominent is its elasticity, good quality products in the elastic, elongation, soft and springback degrees when buy so much to see the elasticity of the product, high transparency products basically belongs to the high rent. Can judge when buying product transparency, hardness and withdrawal product is tearing resistance phenomenon, it belongs to the silica gel products springback and tensile deformation needed concentration, explicit way to identify the quality of the soft and hard. Observe carefully when buy so the product appearance whether there is a tiny cracks above, if buy may be in the process of practical wear torn, under the condition of normal use as far as possible not to touch with sharp things in case of broken!

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