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by:Cupidove     2020-08-30

over the years has always been entangled with a question, don't know if you have found that when our shoes too long after gradually began to appear the phenomenon of turn yellow, much more dirty after washing time is no longer the original white color soles, but extensive is yellow, the problem may be in a lot of friends in the heart of a love shoes terrier, 'why turn yellow over time ah' so silicone products factory small make up today for your family's order about white shoes what are the main reason for the yellow!

in fact, namely the problem of material, for the light color, white is easy to be partial transparent color in the use and environment such as sole product become yellow, calmly affect the quality and appearance of the shoes, and countless shoes enterprises in our country, for 'shoes yellow milk yellow detection methods which together should also have a lot of professional knowledge, so that is said by one of the main reasons, the material is not up to standard of raw materials in the subsequent long-term use of yellowing phenomenon.

for white, light color thermoplastic elastomer SBS, PVC, PU and so on several kinds of material is used for internal function and performance is good, but the shoes this stuff in a timely manner to exterior decoration, in the external heat and oxygen for a long time, force, trace moisture, impurities will inevitably be affected different symptoms, such as the rubber material is transparent or translucent white material might result in performance degradation, a yellow, so the rubber material silicone products and rubber products in abnormal conditions are likely to appear different response.

the white sole material performance comparison good EVA material in a timely manner, under the condition of normal protection maintenance estimate the degree of aging is a little bit small, but time is too long will appear yellowing phenomenon, and to solve the problem shoes yellow is not just your personal can solve, that depends on the requirements of the supplier make sure those goals are met.

if there is according to the properties of the polymer to allocate corresponding antioxidants, stabilizing agent, etc. , on the raw material specifications whether meet the requirements of qualified, should be done before processed into sole strict dry processing, final confirmation process and production conditions, whether can achieve its molecular polymer and temperature lower case processing molding, this a process for the poor thermal stability, low processing temperature and decomposition temperature of material is particularly important, so the supplier is normal.

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