Silica gel products - The silicone cap - The silicone lid custom processing

by:Cupidove     2020-09-25

go out in the outside, a practical good bottle is indispensable, and silica gel cap into too many patents issued in recent years, many brands on the market and retail as a promotional gifts, gifts, and the lottery may involve this kind of delicate silicone products, although the silicone cap is already rotten street, but don't look down upon this is just a small cap, it can definitely make you can't imagine!

sometimes we often drink without cover drinks or beer to prevent a few days may be expired, that this kind of silicone products can give you get to work, we all know that the silicone material belongs to high softness, high elastic material! Shrinking seal this together have an advantage more, so for the bottle shape can solve the role of tight, that is for glass material of the product that the product that is you need!

the for the silicone material, I think need not say more, the classical conscience silicone products factory processing production of finished products for environmental protection, quality inspection can achieve this work, and for which figure looks nice and need different colors of friends, that would be much to look on this side, the silicone material can do different from the color to shape shift, so for the different shape as long as the design ways to achieve what you want can! So for the silicone cap and when and beer, don't wait for anybody else are all finished, haven't you open the lid!

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