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by:Cupidove     2020-09-28

said amateur can into habits, habits after might be addictive, said yes to is fishing! Every time off to relax when a lot of friends like to take a day on the fishing gear ready to go to the riverside fishing bait fish, solid filling their own hobby and became an addiction, so for the maintenance of fishing gear and gadgets have high skills. But as the growth of the silica gel products technology, imaginative friends also use the silicone material to the fishing gear, provides a more convenient fishing enthusiasts accessories!

the space bean is primarily a small particle size of colloidal particles on the fixed material float and lead! Main role is to remember the depths of the bait and seat, and it is often used for rubber material to early in the production, for performance and stability of life it is not very ideal, so more dealers try, too empty or replaced by silica gel material, more stable than silica gel material from the material, aging people good life and better stretch rate. The overall effect is win the rubber is better!

and silicone material of fishing gear accessories because in performance is outstanding, so the price must be a little more expensive than rubber. And it can't stop a fishing enthusiasts of fishing gear to love!

silicone float bridge for different environment of use but have different effect oh! In testing the silicone float more of in the high temperature water temperature can reflect its tightness, and sensitivity is stronger, and there will be no any smell, this also not alert to the fish in the water, more can easily catch!

silicon lead noctilucent leather seats, for the friend that likes the night fishing this but necessary accessories, outside using silicone material, soft and wear-resisting, excellent toughness degree, bend won't appear deformation, the phenomenon such as broken, effectively in the night to see the water movement, achieving high sensitive features.

is an angler daily study and review the latest knowledge and skills, and understanding of the silica gel after fishing gear accessories you can in the field of normal play back your level!

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