Silica gel products stick of gum note!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-21

in the process of silica gel products, some products need to be posted back glue or adhesive dipped process, then the process is added outside the molding process. Need to implement for the silicone products is combined with another product, in addition to the high temperature secondary molding, is stained with glue. Silicone products with glue is difficult to realize, however, it is not easy to stick together with other material products.

the silicone products each other adhesive is suffering, so should pay attention to what matters, as we usually can see all kinds of silicone rubber pads, seals and other silicone products due to silicone rubber itself is away from the model, it is hard to with double-sided adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive bonding material. It need to use a special treatment to deal with miscellaneous pieces of silicone rubber surface, make its can be closely with double-sided adhesive tape, silicone products factory for you to share below bonded silica gel products operating skills.

1。 White electric oil or toluene will need silicone rubber miscellaneous pieces of stick double-sided adhesive area clean.

2。 In proportion to join thinner, stir well.

3。 Treatment evenly in the area of need back rubber miscellaneous pieces of silicone rubber, evenly daub to silicone rubber miscellaneous pieces placed in a cool and dry ventilated place after treatment.

4。 Miscellaneous pieces of silicone rubber on the processor after natural drying, the double-sided adhesive on the silicone rubber miscellaneous pieces need to stick a double-sided adhesive area

5. Miscellaneous pieces of silicone has closely holds the double-sided adhesive.

to sum up, do the above process should also pay attention to the silicone and rubber material is different, with silica gel treatment agent, miscellaneous pieces of silicone rubber keypad with a rubber treatment agent, a mixture of both misuse, otherwise it will lead to stick a double-sided adhesive of the come unglued after, in order to realize the silicone products glue remember to differentiate silicone and rubber material, but also keep the double-sided adhesive area clean, so that the adhesive of miscellaneous pieces of silicone is not easy to fall off.

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