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by:Cupidove     2020-09-04

in industrial machinery industry, pipeline leak occurs often affect us a lot of mechanical industry in production, such as silicone products manufacturer of hydraulic press is a kind of, besides that in mechanical industry there are a number of mechanical seal close enough to take the oil, and different industries have different process and material to suit the remedy to the case to solve the oil leakage phenomenon, on the other hand to remove pipeline leak phenomenon, valve gate valve such as leakage and so on all has the certain solution to deal with, and today we mainly learn about mechanical pipe leakage or how to deal with.

in the manufacture of industrial oil leakage when one of the most common phenomenon, and the main cause of pipeline leak points:

1, pipe extrusion pressure is too great in the phenomenon caused by

2. The machine motor shaft overdo it lead to damage of oil seal,

3, different environment and time prompted a change is big, oil seal to lose efficacy.

and one of several reasons and silica gel products material can be determined whether there is a certain relationship, so what are the main reason?

1, products in the long-term use of cases, the effect of stress lead to seal the gap is too big, big tolerance and cause leakage.

2, in the process of long-term use of vigorous exercise, kill time back and forth for too long, the toughness of frequency increases, the product fatigue cracks.

3, belong to the bad environment for a long time, the temperature is too high, ozone is overweight, factors such as liquid soak for a long time lead to performance degradation.

4, die face is not flat, products are uneven phenomenon, dimensional accuracy can not meet the requirements, the phenomenon such as difference of wrong.

5, material quality closes nevertheless, various performance test does not pass, heat resistance, oil resistance, toughness degree and so on all can not meet the requirements, and so on.

and silicon rubber sealing ring has certain sealing performance, for different environments have different inertia, as the original piston, can solve most of the leakage phenomenon, of course, in certain circumstances into putting-in-service proactively, in the appropriate environment to choose appropriate silicone rubber seal products, achieve reasonable use effect, so for the sealing pipeline leakage problems, to solve the problem from different angles.

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