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by:Cupidove     2020-09-06

upon confirmation of obsolete production do samples must go through this process, before the confirmation sample is very important for confirmation of the product, a qualified silicone mold design is reasonable whether directly affects the subsequent product production goes well, the production scrap rate and the speed of delivery, so different mould design project to the mold design and processing of the application of programming and knife are important, such as the size of the mould is in the range of tolerance and the range of tolerance between and allowance, which may lead to mold made a big burrs, moulding line has a problem, so the samples at the beginning of the confirmation of mould is important!

sometimes many customers friend might ask, how the weight of the product sometimes has a little weight, so this is from the mold for the above, the size of the mold structure decides the weight of the product, if the tolerance range beyond the weight of the products will appear different difference, speaking of tolerance range, to the extent of tolerance in machining center is accurate to 0. 001 mm, that is to say the feeling when processing mold core cutter wear may be consumption, just need to adjust the knife can change the size of the mould and tolerance is larger the and within the limits of tolerance so there may be difference size, mold made of silicone rubber products have different weight.

so before the sample mould is mainly to see whether the die engineer products to grasp the importance of the samples, whether to need to adopt qualified tooling to machining, second processing center in the center of the round edge precision determines the product, the precise measurements of tour edge correctly grasp the center of the mould, and tour edge of knife working procedure is mainly about the programming tool, the direction of the precision of knife after natural product processing in the range of tolerance, the mould is natural without any problems, the second polishing and grinding process is quite important for the appearance of the mould, determines the appearance quality of the silicone rubber product with moulding line size of products, therefore improve the quality of the samples and the efficiency of the production product must because of the mold first begin.

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