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by:Cupidove     2020-08-31

the choice of silicone products you choose is imported or domestic? Of the silicone products many procurement friend asked, import materials and quality should be a little better! So whether to buy a car to buy accessories to buy mobile phones and so on, more friends more imported products in China, but when it comes to high quality products of international trade, I think domestic production technology level also constantly improve, take the more fervent huawei mobile phone, not listed still go global, not imported material is so perfect, so take the silica gel products industry in recent years, also can see that the development trend of domestic advantage!

so when you think of the first silicone brand may not be domestically produced, but this does not prevent the development of the silicone industry of our country, it plays an important role for the global supply of the vast country. I think the biggest difference is the price reason, at present there exists such a phenomenon, ever feel like the quality of the more expensive products is high quality, so it often affects the difference of domestic products, because the two words 'import' so the same is true of silicone rubber products, at present, the production of various kinds of silicone material is still widely used and the performance and quality are approved, with imported products is not much difference between the European and American countries, the second production is not the same as the Chinese products abroad, mass production, caused by a variety of reasons, cooperation, and so on are no efficiency by efficient in China! So the advantage of price and delivery speed, and so on for many international trade buyers.

other silicone products processing technology and equipment have no difference, the most likely there may be differences between technology and process of the above differences, such as silica gel sets in each big website to buy above can see hundreds of thousands of price, and can imagine how much cheaper prices in the factory custom, secondly performance is not much difference, take imported German standard flange, for example, all products are imported products is not cheap, tested domestic products can reach the same standard, and on the experience with more conform to the standard, so with the high speed development of our country, each big industry rise gradually, growing technology, many industries are leading the international advanced level, so support the Chinese is the best choice!

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