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by:Cupidove     2020-08-14

25 August according to the guangdong environmental protection supervision and management office to get the message, from August 29 to September 8 to guangdong province safety in production, environmental protection begin arrange consolidation for investigations, assault AnZha action, just yesterday began in the silicone products industry according to the small make up there are a lot of friends have been the raids, has disciplined warned, there are also instructions show improvement, in addition in dongguan region severely affected many chemical and dangerous industry, including our industrial zone two enterprises under rectification!

the raid is not only a simple routine inspection, acceptance regulation and implementation in different industries, and production and processing processes are in the silicone industry and high temperature operation, for fire control safety of emergency measures is very important, so many silicone products manufacturer therefore by different degree of fire safety rectification, the other for environmental regulation arrangement may be in the machining process of waste rubber, waste material random query strictly, is brought to the attention of the supervision, in addition to the safety inspection will continue until September 8, still hope your boss can do a good job in fire safety to prevent criticism!

for further promote the safety in production major inspection, resolutely prevent and curb major workplace accidents, to ensure that in the safe and stable environment for the victory of the party's 19, in accordance with requirements of the provincial leadership instructions, provincial committee is scheduled for August 28 solstice on September 8, organize the entire province safety in production major inspection assault AnZha action.

among them, the team with five solstice on August 31st September 1 relic to guan.

one, check the main contents of the

( A) Focusing on the company chairman, party secretary, general manager of the construction of safety production responsibility system, enterprises set up the implementation of the safety production responsibility system, formulate and implement annual head of the enterprise mainly production safety responsibility list, set up enterprises, annual production safety responsibility list for record and publication system, enterprise strengthen responsibility examination and supervision of employees.

( 2) Enterprises to carry out the safety in production inspection requirements, the organization to carry out the inspection since the change, trying to identify security risks and hidden dangers, and implement the responsibilities for risk prevention and control and hidden dangers rectification measures, and so on and so forth.

( 3) Enterprises to carry out the safe production and occupational health and other relevant provisions of laws and regulations.

2 and inspection way

provincial committee of the assault AnZha take not to listen to local governments and departments to report, do not notice enterprises, direct to the on-site inspections and related companies of some key industries areas ( Focusing on road traffic, construction, hazardous chemicals, and other areas of the industry) Check ( Check to make sure list by the provincial Ann charter) 。

please industry departments, the community ( Village) Immediately notify and urge the field, all enterprises, under carefully controlled check the main contents and implementation scheme of 'big DaLang town of production safety inspection work, job requirements, to carry out the inspection since the change, leak fill a vacancy, make sure the main spirit of examination to cover to the village and the relevant documents ( Community) , convey to the enterprise. At the same time, to supervise the enterprise to carry out the production safety management measures, measures on site and ready to related safety management archives.

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