Silica gel products - Silica gel earplugs used functional and advantages

by:Cupidove     2020-09-24

now in life is a kind of modern environmental noise pollution, the vibration of the factory machinery and vehicles roar of a lot of impact on our lives, spoiled our physiological balance, neurotransmitter and cardiovascular circulation system, cause many diseases, so a lot of people in the car or walking all the time with the insulation silica gel earplugs.

in the past we common earbuds are: wax earplugs, silica gel earplugs, earplugs, and so on, sponge and earplugs effect is determined by two reasons, one is the degree of ear plugs and ear cavity closed, seal degree, the better, sound insulation effect is good, the second is earplugs material properties. In these two factors, the stand or fall of sound insulation mainly depends on the degree or high and low. In general the density of all sorts of earplugs, mainly depends on the material of the ear plugs.

general now many friends with in-ear earplugs, in-ear earplugs is our common silicone products, sound insulation effect is very good. Now high quality overseas earbuds are in the faces of the people wear earplugs ear cavity for direct transmission, silica gel products due to physiological inert good, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation and the flow performance is good, so is good materials to make noise prevention earplugs, and its main characteristic is that the sound insulation effect is strong, he is also called anti noise ear plugs, acoustic earplugs, antinoise earplug, sleep earplugs, usually by silica gel or low pressure foam mould material, high elastic polyester materials. Closely contact with external auditory canal after inserted into the ear canal, in order to cut off sound into the middle ear and inner ear, achieve the goal of sound insulation, so that people can get a quiet rest or work environment.

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