Silica gel products raw materials production process appeared charred how to prevent

by:Cupidove     2020-09-09

mixed silicone rubber normally will have a lot of attention in the production process, such as material hot dead as dead material phenomena are common, mainly because of material with reinforcing agent and reinforcing filler in the process of production has failed to control the proportion of it, if the material flow into the silicone products molding factory that is likely to cause product curing are not ripe, products appear tensile strength is poor, springback phenomenon such as product crisp.

mixed silicone rubber was made by methyl or linear high polymer poly (vinyl groups of organic siloxane ( Also known as raw rubber) As the foundation, to cooperate with reinforcing filler, incremental packing and give all kinds of performance of mixture based rubber additives. Main raw material with methyl vinyl or rubber, to join the silica, bridging agent, the structure control agent, coupling agent and so on many kinds of material, after high temperature mixer mixing. Mixing rubber production technology process, it is easy to appear all kinds of problems, today small make up to introduce the mixing rubber dead rubber is how to deal with the

mixing rubber dead rubber solution:

( 1) Appropriate to the design of the rubber, reasonable, such as accelerator and take ways as much as possible. Inhibition of coke burning. In order to adapt to high temperature and high pressure, high speed mixing process, in the formula can also be comfortable with quantity ( 0. 3 to 0. 5) The antiscorching agent.

( 2) Strengthen rubber mixing and subsequent process of rubber cooling measures, mainly by temperature control machine, roller temperature and ensure plenty of cooling water circulation, make the operation temperature is not insurmountable coke burning point.

( 3) On the management of rubber semi-finished products every batch of material should have a card with water, to carry out the principle of 'first in first out' inventory and regulations of each car is expected to leave the library longest time, shall not be surpassed. Warehouse should have good ventilation conditions.

( 4) Adjust the vulcanization system, for The Times sulfonamide promoter, greatly improved scorch prevention performance.

( 5) Improve the rubber storage and processing conditions, such as strengthening cooling;

( 6) The antiscorching agent.

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