Silica gel products quality is good. . . Since the mould clamping down the line is everything

by:Cupidove     2020-09-02

it is said that a product's quality is good or bad depends on a few core part, and silica gel products also have the same idea! Now without a silicone rubber products industry do to better products, it is fierce competition, will face of price suppression, and so on, so a silica gel products the main still should see good products whether the core part of the customer and consumer satisfaction! So the moulding line of silicone rubber products manufacturer precision nature determines the quality of the product!

now many clients are the appearance to decide the quality of the silicone products, and burrs problem can be recognized, so therefore the most prominent is the most important part of nature, and questions about the burrs since the stitch is mainly caused by two factors. First products have corresponding measures on the cutting edge, now wants to keep the product yield and quality have to manually trim, and artificial trimming efficiency slow, no fixed quality, and want to solve the problem of burrs need packing weight control, from raw materials in the process of sulfide material too heavy around the edge burrs will naturally increase thickening, so control product weight is to control the quality of the products!

is the degree of precision mould, be on the other hand, in the mold and mold clamping and failed to reach the corresponding precision within a spacing, burrs and take out stitches from heavy thickening, while clamping line spacing is too small can't open the mould, so take out stitches from the difficulty to here, to make good the demolition edge and line is decided the quality of the products is good, and a mold if the raw edges of the product processing to the extreme, for the product that has reduced the artificial trimming processing in a lot of trouble!

and the burrs of silicone products manufacturer handle is on the overall quality of the factory, if can't be settled technology will be faced with difficult to trim, efficiency are not up to wait for a reason! So now want to solve the problem of the stitch and burrs, first of all, the product from the mold from clamping down the line, and then from mechanical trimming after artificial finishing processing to achieve the effect of burrs, seize these points later, flash will get good solve and improve!

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