Silica gel products proofing process to do goods

by:Cupidove     2020-09-20
Various types of silicone products, its full name can also be a silicone mold products. That is to say, before the formal production of silicone products, should first have the silicone mold, the mold to determine safe, is the silicone products batch production.

mould making process is: ( 1) Provide specific design drawings; ( 2) Die mold company confirm the order; ( 3) Die room personnel to start programming; ( 4) Die room personnel according to the program to make mould, until die. After the completion of the mold production is the product sample.

silicone products proofing and involves a lot of detail things, these things together is called 'engineering data. Proofing products will often make a lot of details, what raw materials such as products, product color, product technology, product design, and so on. After these things right, it's possible to preliminary production transfer customer satisfaction for the first batch of silicone products. Silicone products proofing is completed, the factory will for the first time by the customer's requirements, after confirmation in accordance with the requirements of our customers, will send the first batch of samples to or to the customer. Customer after receiving the samples, will make an assessment of the sample, if the product has reached the requirement of customer, customer can according to their own situation to let the factory began to batch goods in accordance with the sample. If the first batch of samples do not meet the customer needs, so the customer will be the first time feedback to the factory, ask factory to improve related aspects. Factory will be according to the customer's opinion, to proofing, sample until a transfer of customer satisfaction, before mass production. Finally, different silica gel products, the mould structure is different, making difficulty level will be different. Therefore, production time will be very different, it also determines the final to give to the customer's silica gel products delivery is different also. However, one thing is very important, whether customers or factory, should be time to follow up the silicone products production of each process.

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