Silica gel products industry gain a foothold in what kind of way

by:Cupidove     2020-08-20

to find online silicone products manufacturer and then send the 3 d image file, the size of the confirmation, the choice of color, hardness request custom on the silicone products on the Internet greatly small details can through online customization, mobile phone customization, now the Internet lets us every industry is the convenience, every detail in every industry has a very personalized design, the premier of the State Council recently on state Wednesday presided again on the Internet to strengthen the development of major industries, promote each small and medium-sized enterprise economic development speed, it also makes our rubber and plastic industry and further on the Internet.

and the development of this scene is very reasonable in a way of electricity, through nearly a decade of silicone industry development mode also have greatly changed, from the beginning telephone counseling, on-site inquiry, drawing design, and so on gradually to the development of electrical business mode, online to find suppliers, and then send the samples, drawings, now the 3 d software function is very powerful, a drawing 3 d can be derived to know that the details of this product, we often use in graphics software Pro/E, UG, AutoCAD etc. After the analysis, communication, inquiry, quotation, can be directly after reasonable production, not as before so trouble.

from the current situation looks + Internet was going green rubber and plastic industry, intelligent, quick, information than traditional way of development is fast, more and more clearly see the silica gel products industry, Internet and electronic commerce closely related, but often in major competition, we would be hard to get customer recognition, many manufacturers research and development production, mold design, processing produces, rich experience and a series of advantages. In the end or with a little what don't always feel lack of perfect things. It is said that the efficiency of industrial manufacturing to change everyone, e-commerce has changed the lives of everyone, the silicone change your environment, then who is going to change the silicone, we lack what again?

I think we have a direction, a new mode of silicone industry development, need a personalized customization of a new era, a traditional silicone rubber industry couldn't do it again and it met the development mode, with the support of the Internet, the global information under the smart form a new pattern of development, now can be very convenient access to the user's needs and orders, through the network of intelligent computing for the analysis of the product, make originally many suppliers production adjustment can be networked together with each other. Even when you are in a factory, to the performance of the product required can be done in all aspects, develop to this pattern also makes a lot of people dream of don't have to worry about the quality of the product development, production scale, and a series of problems.

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