Silica gel products grinding matters needing attention and the processing principle

by:Cupidove     2020-08-27

grinding process has been a lot of the product appearance treatment processing method of the industry, and such is the silica gel products, at present most of the world silicone sex products using grinding processing, basic necessities of silicone wash a face to brush, and other silicone products are used in most of grinding, grinding and machining method only used friends know, precision demand is higher, the material itself would not make it through the wear loss of product is really a big problem!

grinding process for the silicone products of a waste, and the soft rubber type of products all you can say that, but the grinding process for metal and high hardness of the product can get very good effect, but the silicone is different except grinding way there is no more mature way, mechanical polishing, manual and so on can take action, unless the silicone manufacturer of mould can reach to directly see don't see any moulding line, otherwise still choose grinding!

the silicone products grinding processing costs slightly tall, main factors are the several causes:

the silicone products grinding loss is higher, the silicone material in the end is always belong to the soft rubber material and stones into the pot stirring for hours back and forth for a long time, will naturally appear problem, so in general the silicone products grinding a loss ratio is about 20%, ten two or three products will probably be no, this greatly loss the quality cost of the product, and the grinding processing basic cannot control its bad, can only be properly reduce the probability of adverse of the products.

on the other hand, is the product of artificial cost and time, some of the large size of silica gel products, because silicon grinding machine size limit is small, into the grinding products for a long time, after mixed with grinding stone into the basic can't put too much product, grinding time in more than half an hour at a time, so that increase its labor costs, both are many silicone products manufacturer headache things!

so for grinding method to find the way, try to avoid bad products appear, make a different rotation speed adjustment for different products, grinding effect of different speed for different silica gel products can take to good effect, add also to have certain method of grinding fluid, such as indirect add one-time add and adding, etc. , after having another long time grinding stone natural can't joking, choice of different shapes and different sizes can play a key role.

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