Silica gel products flash see the difference between the silicone products manufacturer

by:Cupidove     2020-09-04

now silicone rubber products industry in the form of grim, while facing the market price of controversy still have to face different trends of competition in the industry with the customer payment for goods backlog, and so on, a little lax will be eliminated, with the authority of the silicone industry in recent years for many emerging companies to join us, now can learn there are thousands of organic silicone products enterprises in our country, so many enterprises in the face of competition we have to develop toward innovation, now many buyers all decisions about the quality of the product, so product also get on technical advance, and whether the product from the aspects of burrs can tell the difference between the silicone products manufacturer?

product burrs for silicone rubber products factory is a manufacturer of problem, now the cutting edge of silicone products in the cutting edge technology to make above ways to improve the production efficiency, of the current industry, mechanical cutting edge, frozen cutting edge, artificial cutting edge, but in order to keep the defective rate, many manufacturers are using artificial and mechanical cutting edge, mechanical cutting larger burrs with artificial fine again carries on the cutting edge. To know a clear and neat appearance, overall appearance qualified keep the look of the quality of the products to get customers, in this way can also received the recognition from the market!

so many businesses, large and small manufacturers quality were an unusual judging from what respect to manufacturer burrs difference? This also relates to the manufacturer of all kinds of factors. Vulcanization of choice, the choice of the high and low temperature curing agent a to adapt, with different raw materials and the temperature of the curing agent, the temperature is too high or too low will result in difficult cutting edge products, the quality of the raw material toughness, cutting edge cracking phenomenon, as a result of product package edge is too large, hardness is not enough toughness material has led to the cutting edge is not complete, the development of the mould is very important, in the upper and lower clamping line failed to accurately and to its tolerance range, mould maintain undeserved scratch meets and so on will lead to flash too cutting edge, so the product of a manufacturer quality from flash to see, and too much burrs can tell factory all aspects are the use of reasonable application material and technology integration, both relative to show the difference of silica gel products manufacturers!

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