Silica gel products factory the size of the hydraulic press machine what pay attention to?

by:Cupidove     2020-08-21
With silica gel products industry development trends, more and more hydraulic silicone products factory was established in our country, the industry processing technology also get deeper feeling, a lot of people know that the silicone rubber products production and processing is not the same as the rubber material with various formula materials process simple and clear, and its problems mainly exists in production and processing, and the hydraulic performance too is one of them, the production processing is a top priority for the choice of the machine is natural, so what is the exquisite silicone manufacturers on the machine size?

molding production and processing machine is used for the main girder, so the size and the size of the machine stroke and pressure as the main function, so the different size of the machine has a different size limit, common for production and processing of 200 tons, 250 tons and 300 tons, and the bigger the machine to 500 tons 800 tons of have even larger, but higher than 400 tons of the machine is not large, is a rare and use 300 tons the following machine is enough to use, lower limit of 5 tons of small hydraulic press machine, is often used for small mold proofing.

mentioned machines of different size of pay attention to have to say something about their role, the shape of the processed products as well as the size of the size of template and itinerary, usually commonly used plate vulcanizing agent in 680 x 680 mm, and how much mould can outflow clearance, we usually used in normal processing small to take out the mould plate size and spacing at the ends of the template, so the size of the product can't more than mould length, height is the same, according to the structure of the silicone rubber products and size to choose mold layout.

the tonnage of the machine have different schedule as well as the size and height, if the product belongs to the specified requirements of the mould need to select the corresponding to the size of the machine is used for processing, the machine is too small may lead to the difference between different pressures to the high hardness and high demand silicone products small machines may not be very suitable for, prone to detonation, the phenomenon such as storm and are not ripe, and the price of the machine size is different, also can reflect the strength of the silicone manufacturer, is currently the general hydraulic molding silicone rubber products factory machines around ten group is one of the more big size!

now common machine include: flat vulcanizing machine, rail open mold vulcanizer, open before mold vulcanizing machine, vacuum vulcanizing machine, fully automatic melamine molding machine, toilet cover, melamine molding machine, imitation porcelain tableware molding machine, high precision plate hydraulic molding machine, high precision vacuum hydraulic molding machine, vacuum butterfly mould hydraulic vacuum forming machine, wall plate with special hydraulic molding machine and so on a wide variety of process equipment.

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