Silica gel products factory that fan bingbing charged electric company claims ten million

by:Cupidove     2020-09-06

silica gel products factory from fan bingbing weibo found that zhuhai electronics company to use her portrait in the website, and the 'big love' fan bingbing 'fan bingbing favorite steamed face artifact' as a slogan, so Sue the company claims 10 million. Yesterday morning, chaoyang court hearing the case, the defendant company said use fan bingbing portraits are some fake website, the company is also a victim.

silica gel products factory understand that court, fan bingbing, one party, said in November 2014, fan bingbing found golden rice company on its website unauthorized use of her pictures, as the company's beauty products 'steamed face', also in online such as taobao, alibaba, to use more than the pictures, with 'big love' fan bingbing 'fan bingbing favourite steamed face artifact slogans such as' publicity. Fan bingbing, one party thinks that severely infringing the rights of golden rice company, ask for stop the infringement, a public apology, compensate for the economic loss of 10 million yuan.

golden rice company, said the company has hired the actress Jenny and Yang mi as a product image spokesperson, it is not necessary to promote the use of a fan bingbing's portrait. Fan bingbing image rights infringement is a fake website, selling products is false, the company itself is also a victim, it has been reported to public security, Ministry of Commerce and industry. Is not the case in court.

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