Silica gel products factory tell you: what's the difference between PVC and silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-09-25

many customers are looking for silicone products factory customized gifts toys, will be asked about the silicone and PVC which good, they have what different place. In our manufacturer point of view, the two products are is the preferred material for making small gift, but the silicone in some cases than PVC used more widely. For example, it comes to baby products.

natural soft silicone rubber material of the silicone products, strong flexibility and feel is good, the silica gel can be passed ROHS environmental certification, no matter what product was originally after burning residue will be white color, the smell of burning. And PVC soft rubber is slightly rough, and the product is hard without toughness, after burning ash in black in the fire, burning smell bad.

from the material itself, PVC products is mainly composed of powder ( Polyvinyl chloride) And oil, color paste with mixing raw materials made minor volume injection glue process heating cooling, silica gel mainly by silica gel raw material and pigment color paste some chemical elements such as the rubber mixing suppress allocate, made in needed raw material in the mold, hydraulic press high temperature cooling extrusion molding.

this is can be seen that still has a silicone plasticity, so full of beautiful things in eyes of gift silicone material in the market now, in addition to general kitchen utensils and appliances can also manufacture creative gift, also can be a little children play with toys.

silica gel products factory think that a good product needs good design concept to the consumer the United States, more can reflect the unique of enterprises and individuals, when designing the silicone gifts into the design concept, the traditional design will only add name or logo, creative design will be both functional and beautiful sex.

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