Silica gel products factory tell you how to make an inquiry to the most simple and crude effective

by:Cupidove     2020-08-25
Face the problem of online fast quotation, has been a problem facing most silicone products factory, was always attaches great importance to the problem, offer to rapid fall to the ground, not only more accurate; Efficient, customers get effective quotation will save a lot of things, therefore, let's a detailed introduction of silica gel products factory salesman is how to do fast quotation.

there are various ways for traditional enterprise offer, offer direct is a formula, before actually now offer way is mainly rely on the formula to calculate. First is the purpose of customer inquiry in a just need case, have a strong desire to want to buy silicone products, for their products need to find the information needed to know.

silica gel products factory salesman offer customers to provide all information source, while quote salesman, customers as far as possible to provide more information. Sometimes a small link is also the key factors that affect the product quotation. If the customer can provide STEP or IGS format image file format can mould is analyzed with the data or the product weight, so that more effective and intuitive to calculate the price. Even if some customer can not give the silicone products manufacturer to provide standard 3 d image file, it can also provide hand draw the plan of the CAD model, through the CAD model of the image file, all general silicone products factory is also can put the data into a 3 d model, but for some silicone products manufacturer, this transformation is to according to the customer's specific requirements, the appropriate charge a fee, the fee according to both sides talks things over, can be refund after place the order.

about silicone products factory

'to provide customers reliable high-quality green products. 'Is the production of silicone rubber products factory has always been adhering to the idea. Company adopts advanced ERP management system, and in accordance with the relevant institutions, laboratories, professional testing company and well-known listed companies have good relations of cooperation, set up its own quality inspection system. Intermediate inspection is the key to find and solve the major quality problems. Therefore, maintain the normal operation of the machine, mold good working state, strengthen the operation of the operator and qc personnel skills and quality consciousness training is the key to reduce production bad, is also the enterprise benefit.

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