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by:Cupidove     2020-09-09

a lot of friends all know that a love act the role ofing is tasted something is broken, dirty and doesn't know what to do, feel also can continue to use but appear too dirty defect, and don't want to continue to use, we in the silicone products many friends often appear this kind of situation, a beloved silicone accessories, a beautiful fashion silicone mobile phone sets, etc. , after the dirty but don't know what to do, only don't have the heart to throw away, actually like a silica gel products appear problem, we can timely processing, such as 'silicone products dirty to do', you don't throw, silica gel products factory below small make up to you about how to deal with.

actually every thing has its solution, just something you don't know the process, as he used to be a man bought a following, put in the home a few months does not use lead to dirt, dirt, but threw out, in fact, there are many ways to clean up also cannot clean up all the time, something so easily lead to aging, not as beautiful, original a silicone shell or silicone accessories can be cleaned once a week or two, but if it is felt the need to clean up, can proper cleaning.

detergent can be used when cleaning, toothpaste, wind, white oil, alcohol and so on many, of course, the role of various cleaning agents are also different, generally in the midst of life we have some special tools is to use the detergent, washing powder, toothpaste to wash, the silicone accessories in the water for 10 minutes, with a wet cloth on cleaner twist dry hind wipe inside and out, there are less than the dirt to clean can also use a toothbrush to clean, and then with blower to a certain degree of dry, don't blow too dry and don't blow too wet, to blow a lot, too dry prone to cracks, not blow dry it in the humid place too long and easy appear discoloration phenomenon, blow dry after don't put the sun exposure, so also easy to change color or deformation, the tensile strength is not enough. Stretch back down, and so on.

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